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Competent, Dependable & Accurate 
Transcription Services

About us

Scribe, a pioneer in the transcription and legal support services was established since 2009.

Established by a team of legal and business professionals, our mission is to provide accurate, affordable and dependable transcription services anchored by uncompromising quality. 

We provide transcribing services in English and Bahasa Malaysia.



Scribe has been preparing transcripts for the Malaysian courts since 2009 and we currently serve over 1000 legal firms and government and corporate institutions.

We also provide on-location video/audio recordings, web conferencing, annotation and other services at the Malaysian Courts, Arbitration centers and at clients premises throughout Malaysia.

Our Transcripts & Transcribers

We have a team of over 100 transcribers who are trained in legal and court language, the fundamental principles of law, and most importantly, they are also skilled and conversant in English and Bahasa Melayu.


Quality is further assured by proof-readers with a legal and technical background, and this ensures that our clients receive fast and accurate transcripts.

Examples of Transcripts


Due to the inherent sensitivities of the work carried out by us, great emphasis is placed on confidentiality.


We sign a confidentiality agreement with our clients to never reveal or expose the video/audio recording or transcript to any 3rd party.


Upon clients' requests, transcripts are password protected to prevent unauthorised modification and/or viewing.

Your Transcript


1. English & Malay language transcription.

2. All audio or video file types.


3. Same-day turnaround option.

4. Cost-saving longer on turnaround options.

5. Verbatim or Light Editing options.

6. Flat rate pricing on any number of 


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