Web Conferencing

Permanent & Portable Solutions

4K Resolution

Permanent Solution

Scribe in partnership with Yealink Systems is able to provide web conferencing systems for small to large-sized rooms.

Using the Yealink Meeting Service, users are able to conference securely with 1,500 participants and broadcast to more than 10,000 viewers at a time.


  • 4K resolution videos.

  • Wide-angle horizontal field-of-view lens.

  • Scalable to fit your needs.

  • Wireless HD microphones.

  • HD quality speakers.

  • Microsoft Teams & Zoom Certified.

  • Options to use any web conferencing platform.

Portable Solution

Scribe Portable Web Conferencing solutions are ideal for ad-hoc meetings and conferences as it can be set up within 30 minutes.

This system is suitable for a hybrid arbitration setup and is scalable for small to large-sized rooms.


  • Includes all features from Permanent Solution.

  • One Scribe Reporter to set up and manage the web conference.

  • Online web conferencing platform.

  • Separate screens for speaker and document display/management.

  • Password-protected video recording.

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